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about Hausmusik

That's the way it started: In the legendary "wechslerhof" in landsberg / bavaria the "fred-stocker-quartett" was meeting every Saturday to rehearse. There were at least 4 guitar-players, a couple of drummers and a bass. In the summer of 1990 they bought a 4-track-recorder. That changed the whole concept of the band because originally they never wanted to play live in front of an audience or record their music. But: to make a record was always a dream of wolfgang petters. So he was asking other people, some of them already played with notwist. Out of these recording-sessions bands like village of savoonga and fred is dead saw the light of day. Until the summer of 1990 there were 17 musicians. They had 13 bands and recorded 14 tracks at the wechslerhof, even the rather miserable fred-stocker-quartett was involved. The final mix was done at studio phase 4. on his way to france for a little holiday, wolfgang petters drove via northeim to get it mastered at pauler acoustics. A few weeks later all of the musicians met in the garden of family kaun to work on the cover. Each of them was handmade and individually printed. And on 14th september a wild record-release party took place at wechslerhof and hausmusik took off!

Shortly after the album was released, the musicians were able to listen to their music on the radio. What a joy! One of the most famous radio-shows, "zündfunk", was even asking to do a live-radio-show with all bands. The concert was organised and for most of the bands was their very first live-gig. Notwist was the only band with some expierience and that saved the show. The others were really nervous but very happy in the end. It took almost a year after the debut-sampler on hausmusik to bring out the next release: the debut-lp of village of savoonga. a four-track recording and handmade covers again. Albums by fred is dead and make my day followed and in the third year of hausmusik a second compilation followed: a double-7" with gate-fold cover including a fold-up bat. Its title was flederhausmusik (bat-house-music). Borrowed tunes were the first band in 1994 who wanted a real printed cover! Days and nights of discussion took place after finally it was agreed. Borrowed tunes was the first releasing their album on cd. Contrabanda did a single and a million mercies a 10" mini-lp on which for the first time in the short history of hausmusik a drum-computer was used!

To get a wider recognition in germany, the three bavarian labels hausmusik, kollaps and payola joined together. they had a mail-order catalog and organised concerts. they let the musicians decide on which of the three labels they would prefer to release their music. Fred is dead did a concert with palace brothers in munich and asked will oldham if he could imagine to do a single for hausmusik. He agreed and sent a tape that became the first "international"-release on our small label. With that release, many more people got to know Hausmusik. Naptime in holland were looking after us and distributed our records to many shops in europe. Another door opend up when calexico entered the stage. It was when borrowed tunes did a gig with giant sand when joey burns was asking, if hausmusik would be interested to release a record by a giant sand-sideproject. When he was back in america he sent a tape which was fantastic and probably the best that this genre had to offer! The album was released only 4 weeks later under the band-name spoke. We couldn't know that while the record got pressed and the cover was printed, they decided to change their name into calexico. At about the same time a wonderful 7" by smog was released.

The whole label-situation needed more and more effort. Promotion for all of our projects took a lot of time and energy, most of the covers were still hand-printed. Naptime closed down so we had to look after the distribution as well. Under the title reihenhausmusik we started a 7"-serie to give new bands a chance to release their music. Some of them are quiet famous by now: lali puna, iso 68 and hessen are some of them. Thomas morr joined the label and helped wolfgang petters in the distribution. He started his own label morr music which was distributed through hausmusik. Everyone was helping each other and the whole thing took of…..

It is may 2000 when hausmusik moved to a new office in munich. The dream of an own record shop was fulfilled and a studio was build in the basement. New bands joined the label: Tingis, carlo fashion, queen of japan and video noise. And the beat goes on. Other bands like notwist, console or tied & tickled trio started to release their new records on bigger labels but never lost contact to their kollaps/payola/hausmusik-roots. For example notwist put down in their contract that the sales of the vinyl of their latest album is handled through hausmusik. Thank you!! But I should mention potawatomi as well. No other label but kollaps would have released their record that still hasn't payed for its production-cost yet.

...to be continued

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